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Medical Translation

Published: 03.01.2013.


Butterfly Traduzioni an expert in a wide range of translation fields, will help you translate your medical texts from the source language, proof-read and transpose them into the target language, making sure that the high quality standards are respected. 

We can assist you with numerous medical texts such as clinical study reports, product brochures, medical articles, manuals, medical essays and papers, student papers, research articles, editorials, hospital discharge documents, birth certificates, medical conventions etc.

Given the complexity of these texts, the translation has to be done in close contact with the clients. Each text has to be carefully studied and weighed without room for doubt or incertainties. Translators will have to make sure that a word which denotes one meaning in one language will have the desired connotation in the target language, this is of course true for the most translations, however it cannot be overseen in highly technical documents such as medical texts.

Creation of Specifically Related Vocabulary

Each translation job will mean the creation of specifically related vocabulary and even if it might seem time-consuming, this step is both necessary and mandatory in order to guarantee a high quality target text, at the same time, it will speed up the process of elaboration of related topics which the same client might require in the future. 

All the information will be treated with confidentiality and will not be disclosed to third parties. 


For any further information, free quote and analysis of your texts, please feel free to contact us.





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