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Business Translation

Published: 03.01.2013.

Business Translation

Business opportunities

If you wish to develop a business it is of utmost importance that two different cultures can understand and relate to each other in order to be able to unite their paths in a profitable joint adventure. Butterfly translations can help you achieve this goal. 

What at first might seem to be an innocent remark in southern Europe, a joke you can have a lough about and then move on to serious business, might actually cost you this very business and if things get worse even a lawsuit could ensue. This is why you need to have the right sort of professionals by your side who will guide you through those intricate multicultural nuances, and Butterfly Translations can and will provide this service to you. 

In this period of market expansion and modern challanges you might wish to outsource your translations to professionals who will guide you through all your projects from the moment you receive a request until the business is awarded to you and well on the way.

Butterfly translations works alongside individuals, small, medium and large companies assisting them with their international business contacts and activities. We offer translation services in various fields such as marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, purchasing, quality, etc.

Butterfly Translations will help you achieve your goals, while protecting you from potential liabilities.

Experience in translating business documents

We have worked inside companies, translated numerous corporate documents, brochures, web pages, company policies, agendas, meeting minutes, business contracts, hence acquiring a significant amount of knowledge which will help us give you the right piece of advice at the right moment. 

Privileged information will remain confidential 

In full respect of privileged information and documentation, Butterfly Translations professionals are bound by confidentiality and non disclosure agreements.

All translated documents will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

For further information and enquiries, please contact us.

Each project, big or small, will be important to us and checked with meticulous care.

Guaranteed quality translations

Since our Clients' satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, we have developed our internal Quality Control Process so as to further guarantee that all the documents we translate read as well in the target language as they did in the original.

Quality Control Process:

1. Client's enquiry.

2. Text Analysis

3. Definition of order and time plan

4. Research and vocabulary creation

5. Translation

6. Proof-reading

7. Final inspection

9. Delivery of the translated document

10. Follow-up and feedback from Customer

Some of the business documents we translate:

- Letters of Intent

- Business Contracts

- Non Disclosure Agreements

- Legal Documents

- Requests for Quotation

- Offers and economic proposals

- Cost breakdown spreadsheets

- Time plans

- General terms of supply

- Business Letters

- Balance Sheets 

For further enquiries feel free to contact us. Your business is important to us. 

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