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Modern English Highs and Lows

Published: 05.02.2017.

If you consider how the English language has really developed, there's a long history of highs and lows, mostly highs. Over the ages, it has borrowed a lot of words, sounds and expressions from other languages e.g. Latin, or French for that matter, words like embassy, battalion, attorney, court.

A particular low can be attributed to the period of slavery practices where words such like banjo, jazz, and business entered our language.

The early Modern English language starts with Shakespeare, who introduced many of the words that are still commonly used today like bedazzled, manager, swagger, uncomfortable, inaudible etc.

We now seem to be heading for a particularly low point, where all of the fuss linked to the new president has enabled some pretty witty, and mind you shitty, characters to come up with rather extraordinary solutions to different situations: 

A fascist twit who overuses their Twitter, and uses it for attention and to indoctrinate the foolish. Synomous with The Orange Snowflake, a.k.a Orange Mussolini, a.ka. Orange Faced Shit-gibbon, a.k.a you-know-who
a new healthcare insurance system where you automatically lose your health coverage if you are sick or poor.
"I went to the emergency room after the accident, they said, "we can't help you, you've got trumpcare."
trump it
Pull a fact out of your ass.
"So, did you actually research those assumptions, or did you trump it?

Will it get any worse?

Well, I guess we'll just have to trump through it, as in fight tooth and nail to survive the day. 
Linguistically speaking, have a good one.
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